The Beginnings

January 6, 2019

This is the first blog post from Philip. This post will serve as a system’s test and as content for the site. The first time I took a photo where I was like “wow” was an exciting moment. I was at a local amusement park with my family and I had a cheap fujifilm disposable with 800 speed color fujifilm in it. I took a photo of the swings at sunset. The camera with its fixed shutter caused the resulting image to include some motion blur in the swings, but included an awesome blue to orange gradient in the sky behind. The photo was great! The colors, composition and use of motion tell a story. The only thing was…..I had no idea how I accomplished it or why the image was so strong.

Why Photography?

I had always been around cameras. My uncle was a videographer and creative. We always had a video camera, beta tapes, and old cameras around. I remember my uncle helped me with a science project one year where he photographed a water volcano with his SLR. The images that he created told the story of my experiment and the quality was incredible!
High school was next and the student run yearbook. My uncle let me borrow his camera. An aging Olympus OM-10. I miss that camera. There I learned the basics of exposure, composition, and depth-of-field through an internship with local photography studio Hussar Photography. I hope to one day convert a lot of my earlier stuff to digital.

In college There was The Duke, Le’ Esprit De Duq (Yearbook) and the revitalize Duquesne Magazine. I put a lot of film through my camera. I also ran my own darkroom for the newspaper. This was also when I shot my first dslr a Nikon d100.

After college I traveled and built a career as an Athletic Trainer, always having the camera at close range. I have always wondered how one passion can work with the other, medical and an art they didn’t seem to be able to mix. I hope to be able to have an answer to that question at some point, but in the mean time I will continue to do me….Tell your stories and allow you to smile!

Until next time….Make memories