Dr. Bauer and Kelly,

Below you will find several options, related examples and pricing that I feel will fit based on my visit with you last week. These are not set in stone and can always be adjusted to fit your need better.

Option 1:

Google hosted StreetView tour: $650

Includes 360 photo tour through your facility uploaded to Google StreetView and 20 high resolution room shots. 360 images are compatible with Facebook and can be uploaded by user.

Shot list:

  • Standard Exam Room (2 angles)
  • Room with UV Cleaning (2 Angles)
  • Room set up for sedation (2 Angles)
  • Sterilization room (3 Angles)
  • Recovery
  • Waiting Room (3 Angles)
  • Consultation Room
  • MSC environmental shots (Sign close up, Sterilized equipment, O2 piping close up, Prosthetic area and close up, Registration barn-door window)

360 List:

  • Main Door
  • Waiting room
  • Hallway outside of consult
  • Consultation room
  • Hallway
  • Room 1 set as standard room
  • Room 2 sat with UV Light
  • Room 3 Set for sedation
  • Hallway 2
  • Recovery Area

Example of a previous StreetView Tour I provided for a Dental Office


Option 2a:

Everything in option 1 plus 4x 30s video clips. $850

Video clips would be similar to the example below where your potential clients will be taken into each of the 4 areas and allowed to”look around” The videos are mp4 videos that will need hosted on a site that can handle 360 videos. Youtube and social media sited are compatible and you are able to link back to your site in an iframe or YouTube embedded link. Video can include an audio track describing the amenity. Recording will need to take place at the time of the shoot. I will bring all necessary recording equipment. Script and voice will need to be provided by you or someone appointed by you.

Option 2b

Everything in option 1 plus 4 Virtual tour clips. $850

The virtual tour clip example is provided below. The difference between the two is that in the tour you are able to more directly interact. You will see that when you click and drag the view around the tour will not advance to the next slide giving your prospective clients an opportunity to linger. These tours are HTML files and will need a web host. Some website providers offer the option to host html files in addition to your site. If your site does not have this ability I can host it for you. One year is included with the your creation. after that it is $50/year. This fee is waived when you update the tour.


Option 3:

Everything in options 1 and 2 plus a Video walk through. $1200

I have linked several video walk through examples I’ve done below. I will be using a gimbal stabilized 4k camera to walk your prospective clients around the clinic and into consultation, treatment and recovery. The audio track would describe the experience the client will expect to have. We can include a “mock” treatment and I will definitely have detailed shots (B-roll) of the different room configuration, sterilization, recovery, consultation, O2 system, prosthetic, etc (all the things that make your OFS Pittsburgh unique).