Duquesne University

January 30, 2019

As I sit here tonight and listen to the arctic wind howl outside my window it reminds me of the time I spent at Duquesne. Walking to class at 8am with the cold wind blowing off the river high on the bluff. It could get bitter up on that hill. It also helps that tomorrow is the annual Rangos School of Health Science’s Alumni Basketball Game.

For those of you who don’t know, I spent 4 years attending Duquesne for my undergraduate degree. I learned a lot there and I did a lot. I was introduced to editorial photography and photojournalism, I had the honor to act as the editor of photography for the Duquesne Duke Newspaper, the Yearbook and the Magazine. I got to photograph a few of the bands that I idolized (future posts may go into depth about the bands). I made some amazing friendships there. A lot of them that are still strong today.

Tomorrow I get to introduce my youngest son to my Duquesne family and though he is not even 2 weeks old, I will start him down an amazing path of wonder that is life.

Please enjoy some images from campus I captured a few years ago. The Campus is under constant change and I hope to be able to document it through out the years